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What Is the Difference Between an AO Scan and an Ultrasound?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The difference between an AO scan and an ultrasound lies in the methods they use to scan the human body and what they can detect. Both are noninvasive methods to collect data images of a patient’s body; however:

  • AO scans rely on radionics to detect any abnormalities in the patient’s full body, meaning they focus on the vibrational frequencies of cells and organs to analyze the patient’s health.

  • Ultrasounds are diagnostic imaging exams that use high-frequency sound waves to produce images of a specific area of a patient’s body, such as the abdomen.

Our facility can conduct a full body scan to detect difficult-to-prescribe conditions such as chronic pain using AO scan technology. One of our physicians can also explain how data collected from the AO scan can be used to develop your treatment plan.

AO Scans Can Provide 9D Analysis on Your Internal Health

Per Biofrequency Analytics, AO scans use three core techniques to create full-body scans:

  • Bioresonance recognition

  • Bioresonance comparison

  • Sympathetic vibratory physics

These techniques are based on the original works of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Dr. Royal Rife, in that the techniques involve using biofeedback to analyze physical and emotional health. 

AO scans compile more than 120,000 frequencies in the body to locate “biomarkers,” or energetic points in the body. Biomarkers with low frequencies can indicate conditions that generally cannot be “captured” in an image, such as lethargy, which can also indicate inflammation.

Because AO scans focus on biofeedback from the patient, this technology can also see deeper into separate tissue layers of organs, unlike ultrasounds, which can only focus on organs one at a time.

Types of AO Scans

Within AO scans, there are the following types of scans:

  • Vitals Scans: This type of scan looks into frequency abnormalities in magnetic scalar waves (transfer of energy) in the body. This scan can be used to detect a wide range of abnormalities, from immune system issues to allergens and toxins. 

  • Comprehensive Scans: This type of scan analyzes biofeedback from the patient’s physical body and its biosystems. These scans are similar to MRI or CT scans.

  • INNER-View Scans: This type of scan uses a handheld device to conduct ultrasound scans in the patient’s body. 

The Accuracy of Ultrasounds for Certain Conditions Can Vary

Another difference between an AO scan and an ultrasound involves their level of accuracy. In traditional medicine, ultrasounds can be used as a diagnostic tool to detect abnormalities, such as tumors; however, they may not be as reliable for conditions like chronic pain. 

According to Pain Management, because of ultrasounds’ limited ability to capture images through bone structures, researchers advise “combining ultrasonography with other imaging modalities” when used to observe chronic pain and guide treatment plans.

AO Scans Use German Radionics Technology to See Deeper Into the Body

AO scans, on the other hand, can provide more insight into how certain health conditions may be affecting a patient. With its ability to scan a patient’s physiological and emotional states by examining energetic functions in the body, AO scans can help detect whether a patient may be suffering from:

  • Chronic pain conditions

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Migraines and other headache conditions

  • Chronic fatigue, including fibromyalgia

  • Certain sleep disorders, such as insomnia

  • Food and environmental allergies or sensitivities

  • Mood swings

  • Unexplained weight changes

Our physicians can use your full body AO scan as a starting point to create your treatment plan and conduct other physical exams if necessary to reach a full diagnosis.

AO Scan Appointments are Generally Relaxing and Short

The AO scan procedure is noninvasive and generally relaxing for many people, so we invite you to try this technique if you have been struggling to find treatment for your condition. 

The following can give you an idea of how your AO scan session might go:

  • Headgear preparation: You will be asked to wear a bone conduction headset. It should be comfortable and feel like you’re wearing earphones.  

  • Initial scan: The headset will conduct a scan of your body (this should last about two minutes). This scan maps out the electromagnetic field of your body and detects any abnormalities in frequencies.

  • Frequency optimization: The device will then create and send back custom frequencies based on your body’s biofeedback. It will also optimize the parts of your body where abnormalities or low-functioning energy levels were detected. 

  • Vitals Scan: After frequency optimization, the device will then conduct a Vitals Scan and create a report. This involves scanning more than 250,000 pieces of information sent back from biomarkers located in your body.

  • Comprehensive Scan: Once the Vitals Scan is complete, the AO scan session will finish with a Comprehensive Scan to gauge your physiological health. Together, the Vitals and Comprehensive scans comprise 90% of your full body report.

Depending on your health, you may be advised to get multiple AO scans to monitor your health. Your physician will discuss this in more detail during your appointment.

Call Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates to Get an AO Scan

If you are interested in getting an AO scan as an additional method to detecting abnormalities in your body, call our facility to schedule an appointment. At Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, we can use radionics technology to assess your health and perform other diagnostic tests to see what kind of treatment may be suitable for you.

Call (386) 366-7418 today.

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