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As men and women age, their bodies stop producing reproductive hormones, which affect other functions in the body besides their ability to procreate. Women lose estrogen, whereas men lose testosterone, and both types of hormone loss can result in weaker bones, hair loss, and mood changes, among other negative side effects. 

If you are experiencing negative symptoms due to hormone loss, hormone replacement therapy might be a viable option for your condition. Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates offers hormone replacement therapy (HRT) treatment to help patients restore their estrogen or testosterone levels and alleviate negative side effects. 

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Often Recommended to Help Women Going Through Menopause

According to Medical News Today, HRT is a treatment method to help women who are going through menopause. Women experiencing estrogen and progesterone loss, which occurs during menopause, can opt for HRT treatment to boost hormone production and alleviate symptoms, such as:


  • Hot flashes, including intense sweating at night

  • Bone loss or thinning, including osteoporosis (a disease that causes bone loss)

  • Problems with urination or the bladder

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Insomnia and other sleeping problems

  • Irregular periods

  • Hair loss

  • Mood swings

When visiting a physician, be open about all the symptoms you have been experiencing so that the appropriate treatment may be prescribed.

HRT for Men

While men do not go through menopause, they do experience significant testosterone loss as they get older. According to Harvard Health Publishing, losing testosterone can lead to various negative symptoms, such as:

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Muscle loss

  • Hair loss

  • Weakened immune system

  • Bone loss or thinning, including osteoporosis

  • Reduced red cell production

  • Increase in body fat

  • Problems with sleeping, including night sweats

  • Anemia

  • Depression and other fluctuations in mood

Men can opt for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which is a form of HRT, to restore their hormone levels. These treatments can come in the form of injections or gels, according to Healthline

HRT Can Help Men and Women Reduce Unpleasant Symptoms

Part of the benefits of HRT, whether you are a man or woman, is that because these medicines stimulate hormone production in the body, they can alleviate symptoms related to hormone loss.


For women, this might encourage mood stability and hair growth in places where thinning occurred and discourage hot flashes and insomnia. HRT can also be used to treat osteoporosis and has seen improvements in patients who suffered from bone loss.

For men, TRT can boost energy levels and muscle growth. It can also regulate their sexual libido and reduce fluctuations in mood, among other benefits. 

Your physician can describe other benefits that hormone replacement therapy can offer you in relation to your gender. 

Side Effects of HRT and TRT

Certain candidates may not be advised to take HRT or TRT if they also have:

  • A heart condition, such as heart disease, or have suffered a stroke in the past

  • Breast cancer or prostate cancer

  • High blood pressure

  • Blood clotting

You can receive a more accurate list of potential side effects when you come in for an appointment with a hormone replacement therapy physician at our facility. During your visit, you can ask questions about how HRT might affect other health conditions you have. Call Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates at (386) 366-7418 to set up your appointment.


The following is a list of all the treatment services we offer at Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates:

  • Chiropractic medicine

  • Focal Shock Wave Therapy

  • Neuro-musculoskeletal optimization

  • Posture optimization

  • Joint mobilization

  • Joint manipulation

  • Physiotherapy

  • Therapeutic ultrasound

  • Taping, cupping, and Graston Technique

  • Pain management

  • Internal medicine

  • Female hormone dysregulation

  • Facial aesthetics

  • General wellness

  • Non-surgical facial rejuvenation

  • Stem Cell

  • Anti-aging for men and women

  • Hormone replacement therapy

  • Andropause therapy

  • Perimenopause and menopause therapy

  • Thyroid disorder treatment

  • Disease prevention

Before you receive any treatment, we will perform a physical exam and bloodwork to confirm the treatment option you’re interested in is suitable for you or if you should use a different treatment method for your symptoms.

Our Facility Also Offers Other Anti-Aging and Regenerative Treatments

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After open heart surgery in 2020 I decided to seek out a new doctor who was knowledgeable and could help me monitor all my risk factors. moving forward.
Dr Schortel is absolutely the most knowledgeable doctor I have ever met and gives me advise on supplements I need to avoid issues and keep my blood work where it needs to be. The regular blood tests he orders are the most extensive I have ever had and he tests for more than just the regular things that other doctors do. I am very happy with the service and patient care and would highly recommend anti aging and regenerative associates to anyone serious about their health

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