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Dysport Dermal Filler

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Aesthetic skincare is a transformative approach to enhancing one’s natural beauty and preserving youthful radiance. It represents a blend of artistry and science, focusing on advanced techniques and treatments designed to rejuvenate the skin, reduce signs of aging, and promote a healthy, glowing complexion. Aesthetic skincare goes beyond traditional routines, delving into innovative methods like Dysport injections to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Dysport® is a prescription injection that uses botulinum toxin products to reduce wrinkles and lines in the face. A competitor to Botox® injections, Dysport® dermal fillers can be a cost-effective method of reducing aging in the skin, with visible effects seen within a few days after injection.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) notes that injectable dermal fillers can be a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure with few risks, though the long-lasting effects of dermal fillers can vary by brand. This article goes into the specifics of Dysport®-brand dermal fillers and what a patient should expect from this procedure.

If you are interested in scheduling a Dysport® dermal filler treatment, call Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates at (386) 366-7418. You will receive a consultation before your treatment session and can ask further questions about Dysport® or dermal fillers in general during this time.

Dysport® Is a Quick-Acting Dermal Injection Product That Helps Reduce Aging

Dermal fillers have been used to reduce visible signs of aging in facial skin. As explained by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), dermal fillers have been used to treat:

  • Thin lips: patients can choose to inject fillers in their lips to plump them.

  • Wrinkles and facial creases: dermal fillers can be injected around these areas to smooth out wrinkles and give a more youthful glow.

  • Hollowness in the face: if you have deep contours in the face due to aging, dermal fillers can be injected to fill in gaps and enhance the right areas in your face to increase volume and a more youthful look.

  • Scarring: while dermal fillers cannot eliminate scarring entirely, they can be used to improve skin texture around scars so that they are more appealing.

Dysport® vs. Botox® Injections

Dysport® is a direct competitor of Botox®, so these products also act similarly since they are both botulinum toxin products. However, there are some key differences that might help you determine whether Dysport® is right for you over Botox®.

Some of the key advantages of Dysport® is how quickly patients can see results paired with its long-lasting effects. Healthline notes the following comparisons:

  • Dysport® injections can show results within two to three days after the procedure, versus one month later using Botox®.

  • Dysport® can last three to five months, which is similar to how long Botox® lasts.

  • Dysport® dermal fillers are comparatively less expensive than Botox® injections.

Dysport® Dermal Fillers Have Minimal Side Effects

Dermal fillers are considered a minimally invasive anti-aging treatment with few side effects, most of which should go away within a week after the procedure. Medical News Today lists some side effects of dermal fillers as:

  • Bruising or swelling around the injection site

  • Itching and redness around the area

  • Small wounds or scarring from the injection

Other side effects may be a result of improper injection technique (e.g., asymmetry or lumps where the fillers were put in), so it is crucial that you feel comfortable with your physician before any procedure begins. At Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, our cosmetic physicians are trained to perform Dysport® dermal filler treatment procedures. We are careful with how we insert fillers into patients’ faces so that the results reach the desired effect.

Health Concerns for At-Risk Groups

The following groups should not get Dysport® dermal fillers:

  • People who have recently taken nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen and aspirin, or blood thinners

  • People who are pregnant

  • People who are allergic to botulinum toxin products

  • People who have a skin infection in the area they want injections in

  • People who are allergic to proteins found in cow’s milk

Before any needle gets inserted into your skin, our physicians will discuss potential side effects of the dermal fillers to look out for, and they will ask about any allergies you might have that might interfere with the effectiveness of the dermal fillers. During your consultation, make sure to list every medicine you are currently taking (if any) so that your doctor can assess whether you are fit to get dermal fillers that day or in general.

At Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, we take care to assess our patients thoroughly before performing any procedure. Call (386) 366-7418 and come in for a Dysport® dermal filler appointment to discuss more about how this treatment can help reduce signs of aging.

What to Expect from a Dysport® Dermal Filler Treatment Appointment

If you have never had dermal fillers before, let us walk you through a potential appointment. Our facility wants you to feel comfortable and know that you are in safe hands. When you come in for your scheduled appointment, you can expect the following:

  • A one-on-one consultation: as mentioned, before any treatment, you will be given an opportunity to discuss what your health goals are, what problems you have experienced, and other medicines you take. A physician can answer your questions and also refer you to other treatment procedures if necessary.

  • Planning: before any injections occur, your physician will point to the areas they intend to treat so that you understand where to expect to see results.

  • Cleansing: the physician will then clean the treatment site to make sure your skin is sterile and will not get infected. They will also apply a topical anesthetic so that you do not experience much pain during the procedure.

  • Injections: the physician will then inject the Dysport® dermal fillers in the desired areas. This procedure does not take more than a few minutes and does not require you to be asleep during the process.

  • Aftercare: dermal fillers do not require much aftercare, but your physician will discuss precautions you should take after the procedure. Otherwise, you should be able to resume regular activity within a few days after the injections.

You are also welcomed to schedule follow-up appointments to continue proper care of your skin!

Call Now to Schedule a Dysport® Dermal Filler Appointment at Our Facility

Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates offers Dysport® dermal fillers to our clients as a minimally invasive procedure used to reduce aging in the skin. If you would like to learn more about how Dysport® dermal fillers may be able to rejuvenate your face or other areas with visible wrinkles, you can schedule a consultation with one of our practicing physicians at the facility.

Call (386) 366-7418 to set up your appointment. Each new client will be given a physical exam to assess their health, including some lab work. In your consultation, you can express any health concerns you have as well as the desired goals you are trying to achieve. We are transparent with our patients and are always aiming to have them leave our facility feeling better than when they come in.

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