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What Are the Best Ways to Increase Sex Drive in Men?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Some of the best ways to increase sex drive in men include:

  • Using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to boost low T levels

  • Using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to treat erectile dysfunction (ED)

  • Taking medications that enhance male sexual functions 

  • Exercising regularly

  • Eating a nutritional diet

  • Ending bad habits, like smoking or excessive drinking

Lowered sex drive can be a result of hormonal imbalances or another health condition. If your or a loved one’s sexual life has been affected by a reduced libido, you can come to our Port Orange facility for a physical examination, and we can go over treatment options that may be available to you. The following are some main ways to help increase sex drive for men.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Boost Male Sexual Performance

For many men, decreased sex drive stems from having low testosterone (T) levels. Hormone deficiencies can cause various health problems, but with testosterone deficiencies specifically, you may experience symptoms like:

  • Reduced libido or sex drive: You have little to no desire to engage in sexual intercourse with your partner.

  • Erectile dysfunction: You have difficulty getting an erection or maintaining one during sexual intercourse. In some cases, men with ED may also experience premature ejaculation.

  • Mood disorders: Men with low testosterone are more prone to depression, anxiety, and stress, which can ultimately reduce their sex drive and affect their romantic relationships.

Other symptoms of low testosterone are separate from the reproductive system, such as hair loss, bone density loss, and weight gain. If you suspect your lowered sex drive may be a result of having low T levels, you might want to consider getting testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

TRT Has Helped Men Increase Their Sexual Desire

Testosterone replacement therapy is a method that involves injecting testosterone into the patient’s body to encourage hormone production and metabolic functions. Other methods to transfer testosterone into the body may involve gels, implants, and ointments, depending on the severity of your condition. 

Various studies have shown that TRT helps men increase their sexual drive and improve other symptoms. For example:

  • The International Journal of Importance Research published a 2008 report about men aged 55 and older who received TRT/ Patients increased their T levels by 30 percent and reported having increased sexual desire within 12 months of treatment.

  • Later in 2011, The Journal of Sexual Medicine released a report that found men were able to see significant improvement in their sexual health within six months of TRT treatment. Patients suffered from low libido, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, and other sexual dysfunctions.  

  • In 2017, Andrology released a report on a study that found men with Type 2 diabetes and erectile dysfunction were able to see improvement in their symptoms after six weeks and within 30 weeks for the full treatment. 

The science behind TRT continues to improve over time, so this may be a viable option to help you increase your libido.

Other Treatments for Sexual Dysfunctions

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may have lowered libido due to a lack of confidence in their sexual performance. In some cases, other treatments can be used to directly treat this condition, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy or pharmaceutical drug therapy (e.g., Viagra). 

Our physicians can discuss these treatments in more detail if you are experiencing ED-specific symptoms.

Call (386) 366-7418 to Book an Anti Aging Consultation

Introduce Healthier Habits into Your Lifestyle to Increase Your Sexual Drive

Other ways to improve your sexual drive can be more natural. Healthline outlines some practical ways to introduce healthier lifestyle habits into your daily routine, with some main tips, including:

  • Start exercising more: The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a report that found men who lived a sedentary lifestyle were more likely to experience erectile dysfunctions. Men aged between 18 and 40 who engaged in regular exercise were able to improve their sexual drive, orgasm functions, intercourse satisfaction, and erectile functions over time.

  • Eat a more nutritious diet: Eating a more balanced diet can help men control weight fluctuations and other health conditions they have. Supplementing regular exercise with a nutritional diet can help patients lose weight, build muscle, and keep metabolic functions stable. Certain foods can also be eaten for aphrodisiac purposes, such as oysters, to improve sexual drive.

  • Quit smoking, drinking, or other substance use: The Journal of Sexual Medicine also released a report that found substance abuse, like smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol, can negatively affect the male sexual system. The study found that men who used illicit drugs like heroin and other opioids were more likely to have erectile dysfunction and decreased libido, whereas stimulants like MDMA and amphetamines led to ejaculation dysfunctions.

Get Treatment to Improve Your Sex Drive at Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates

If you are experiencing issues with your sexual drive, performance, or health in general, come to Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates for a physical exam. We can do blood work to measure your hormone levels and determine the cause of your reduced libido or other sexual dysfunctions. We offer various treatments to help both men and women suffering from sexual dysfunctions restore their sexual health and gain more confidence in their bodies again. 

Call (386) 366-7418 to schedule your appointment today.

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