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How Can Therapeutic Ultrasound Help with Pain Management?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound wave technology to transmit soothing deep heat to specific areas of the body where you are experiencing pain. It works by reducing the stiffness and swelling that often cause pain and by fostering improved circulation. By penetrating soft tissue, ultrasound therapy provides a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for pain.

Anti-aging and regenerative medicine at our clinic includes identifying how therapeutic ultrasound can help with pain management. Ultrasound technology can help us concentrate on a specific source of pain and isolate its cause. As part of focused health care and physiotherapy, we help men and women living with chronic pain find the relief and support that lets them get back to living an optimized and pain-free life.

What Types of Pain Can Therapeutic Ultrasound Treat?

Chronic pain that does not respond to medication can make everyday life difficult. When pain inhibits simple movements and motion, it can take over your life and lead to additional physical and mental health concerns. Prolonged and persistent pain might lead to depression, mood swings, and irritability.

You should not have to live with chronic pain without relief. According to the Journal  Therapeutic Ultrasound for Chronic Pain Management in Joints: A Systematic Review, ultrasound therapy can be used to relieve the following sources of pain:

  • Chronic pain

  • Joint pain 

  • Knee pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Hip pain

  • Pain in other soft tissue areas

Our physiotherapy health care team guides you toward returning to your usual and preferred activities without the pain that currently plagues you. We will also make sure you receive a definitive diagnosis of your current condition so you can make the best choice for pain relief.

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Our Battery of Diagnostic Tests and Procedures

When we start your health care and pain management treatments, our goal is to make sure you get the support and relief you need. To do that, we start with a complete physical exam and a transparent conversation. Additional diagnostic tools we use to understand the source of your pain include:

  • AO scan – a non-invasive, highly detailed, full-body scan 

  • Styku Scan – a 3D body scan that provides precise body measurements

  • Laboratory tests including blood, saliva, and hair analysis

  • Genetic testing to pinpoint hereditary predispositions

  • Nitric oxide testing to understand how your body transmits signals

As part of your initial exam, we ask you where it hurts and listen carefully to what you have to say because we understand the important role you play in your physical and emotional wellness. Our diagnostic research helps us develop a customized approach to pain management specifically for you.

Is the Therapeutic Ultrasound Procedure Painful?

Per Cleveland Clinic information, an ultrasound procedure allows us to view soft tissues inside the body. In addition to diagnostic measures that help us understand and treat pain, ultrasound technology has other medicinal uses. Regardless of what ultrasound is being used for, it is usually painless. In a typical ultrasound or AO Scan procedure: 

  • Conductive gel may be applied to the affected area

  • A scanner is moved painlessly over the same area

  • You may be asked to hold as still as you can

  • If gel was applied, you will have the chance to clean the area

Ultrasounds use completely external, topical, high-frequency sound waves to create detailed images and data. Our team uses these images to help build an individualized treatment plan for you. When you come to us for health care, you avoid the intrusiveness of insurance companies, maintain decision-making power, and take charge of your own health care.

What Our Patients Say About Our Practice

No one should have to live with the pain and debilitation of chronic and difficult-to-treat pain. Our team works hard to help our patients find the health care tools they need to live a better life. When they talk about our clinic and staff, our patients say:

  • “Dr. Scott and his team looked at my entire system. Blood work was meticulously reviewed, and the results were discussed with me. They are about natural remedies that work… I highly recommend Dr. Scott and his team.” – Janet Simpson

  • “The staff at the aging and wellness facility is very professional and friendly. I couldn’t possibly be any happier or satisfied! Thank you.” – Victoria Smith

  • “Absolutely amazing! The Dr.’s actually care, their knowledge is unbelievable… So thankful we found them. Intend on bringing all my athletes in there to optimize their performance.” – Enforcement MMA

We work hard to earn testimonials like these by ensuring every patient we serve gets the attention and respect they deserve in a positive health and wellness environment.

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Are you looking for innovative new pain management to help you cope with the pain that disrupts your life and lifestyle? At Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, our therapeutic ultrasound approach to pain control can help. Learn how to start controlling your pain by contacting one of our health care team members at (386) 366-7418  today.

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