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How Can Neuro-Endrocrinology Help with Reproductive Hormone Disorders in Men?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Neuro-endocrinology is the study of how your brain regulates the hormone distribution that determines sexual function. Your endocrine system regulates hormone production throughout your bloodstream and its circulation throughout your tissues and organs. Hormones determine sexual function, among other things, which is how neuro-endocrinology can help with reproductive hormone disorders in men. 

According to Merck Manual research, sexual arousal results in an erection due to a complex system of brain or neurological, blood vessel or vascular, hormonal, and psychological factors. Neuro-endocrinology helps your brain control and stimulate the production of sex hormones. Our physicians use this beneficial treatment to resolve reproductive hormone disorders in men.

How Can Our Facility Help with Your Reproductive Issues?

Our treatment facility is focused on helping men with their physical and sexual health. As part of our regenerative medicine program, we treat men with neuroendocrine issues, including health care concerns such as reproductive hormone disorders in men. Our regenerative medicine treatment options include:

  • Internal medicine

  • Anti-aging for men 

  • Hormone replacement therapy

  • Andropause (male menopause) therapy

  • Perimenopause and menopause therapy

Once our staff evaluates your condition, we treat the entire male reproductive health and functionality system. That includes ensuring you have the ability to achieve sexual arousal, maintain an erection, reach orgasm, and accomplish ejaculation. When you review your case with one of our team members, we will investigate your reproductive health issues and provide timely and effective treatment options.

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The Connection Between Neuro-Endocrinology and Erectile Dysfunction

According to Cedars Sinai Hospital research on erectile dysfunction (ED), the physical exam that leads to an ED diagnosis will help uncover any secondary sexual issues that indicate endocrine and hormone problems. In addition, lab tests can help measure:

  • Blood counts and blood flow

  • Testosterone levels

  • Other issues that negatively impact the endocrine system

ED can be treated by increasing blood flow to the penis and by treating enzyme and endocrine issues. Our health and wellness team has ED treatments that can help restore your sex life, lead to healthy male reproduction and hormonal systems, and improved general health. We believe in treating the whole patient, which is why many of the men who come to us to treat a specific issue stay with us as primary care patients.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction in Males

Our staff provides men’s health care as part of our commitment to helping men take charge of their bodies and revive their health. We offer multiple treatments that help enhance sexual function and ability. Available erectile and sexual dysfunction treatments include:

  • Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy (APWT) which is also called Revive Wave© Therapy. It uses focused shockwaves to isolate and stimulate tissue and blood flow to the penis and surrounding area

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy which is also called autologous conditioned plasma. It draws your own blood and agitates it in a centrifuge machine to stimulate cell growth which is believed to increase penis sensitivity and stamina

  • Exosome therapy which is a type of stem cell therapy that uses tissue from your abdomen and other fatty areas of your own body as opposed to donor stem cells

Our team will diagnose your current reproductive health condition and explain the merits of each available treatment option. Our goal is to help you make the best decision for yourself without insurance company regulations and interference.

We Helped Previous Clients Optimize Their Health

Our team is proud to provide interactive and affordable health care choices that let you take an active role in your sexual and reproductive health. Men we helped in the past say:

  • “If you want to take control of your health with medical practitioners that know how to take your health to a new level, then you found it… Drs. Scott and Jason listened with interest and patience and knew the exact approach to take… I will be telling everyone about them!” – Bullseye Range

  • “The team of doctors at Anti-Aging and Regenerative Associates are truly wonderful. They are down to earth, kind, compassionate and take a safer more meaningful approach to health and wellness than most other doctors these days! I would highly recommend them for anyone suffering with a specific illness or even those just looking to improve their overall health and well-being!” – Rick B.

  • “One of the most knowledgeable doctors you will ever meet!! – Mike G.

We work hard to help our clients understand and master their own health care. When you are ready to take back your sexual and reproductive health, our team is ready to provide encouragement, compassion, and supportive service. 

Call Today for Your Free Consultation

If you are a male experiencing erectile dysfunction or reproductive health issues, we can help. Review your case with our medical team to learn more about reproductive hormone disorders in men and how neuro-endocrinology can help. Contact one of our Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates staff members by calling (386) 366-7418 today.

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