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How Can a Styku Scan Help in Weight Management?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

A Styku™ scan can help you with weight management by showing you the visual transformation you’ve made in your body. For many people, it can be more motivating to track your progress when seeing how your body sheds weight and changes form over time. 

Our facility offers patients Styku™ scans to monitor their weight loss journeys and keep them on track throughout their fitness, health, and wellness programs.

What Is a Styku™ Scan?

Styku™ uses 3D technology to produce a full body model scan that shows your specific body proportions. It maps out the dimensions of your body and provides a fat analysis based on your silhouette and waist-to-hip ratio.

Why Should Someone Use Styku™ Scans to Monitor Their Weight Loss?

Patients can see their bodies without bias, which can be beneficial if you usually keep track of your weight loss using a weight scale. However, muscle weighs more than fat despite fat taking more space in the body, so it can be easy for patients to be discouraged by the scale’s measurements. 

Unlike fat calipers and weight scales, there is significantly less room for error to measure body fat via a Styku™ scan, as found by studies by the University of North Dakota and the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. So, people who get scans can get a more accurate analysis on their:

  • Fat distribution

  • Key measurements in their bodies

  • Physical changes their bodies underwent over time

Because bodies gradually lose weight daily, it can also be harder for patients to notice differences in their bodies until significant time passes. With Styku™ scans, patients can look at actual differences in their bodies, which can help them keep up with their weight management and monitor how they’re doing.

How does It Measure Body Fat?

To get a full-body Styku™ scan, you must stand on a turntable device, which can hold up to 550 pounds. First, you stand in a straight position with your arms out. The turntable will then begin spinning so that a separate device can begin scanning your body.

Your full-body scan is generally built out of 600 infrared images converted into a 3D model. The perimeters of your body are then mapped out using specific points on your body. Styku™ then analyzes any muscle imbalances you have based on your measurements, which we can use to build your exercise and wellness plan.

How Many Styku™ Scans Should a Person Get?

Because Styku™ scans are meant to show progression in a person’s weight loss journey, you might want to get a scan each time you come in for a weigh-in or on a routine basis until you reach your target weight goals.

What Can You Learn from a Styku™ Scan?

Styku™ scans can provide the following information:

  • 3D body assessment: Your full-body scan provides multiple measurements and body ratios that can help examine your current and previous body shapes. 

  • Fat analysis: As mentioned, Styku™ measures muscle imbalances throughout your body and provides analysis on the percentage of your body fat.

  • Risk assessment: Based on your measurements and fat percentage, Styku™ can analyze your risk for developing diseases related to obesity, such as Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. 

  • Weight-loss progress: If you have previous scans, we can compare those scans with your current body scan and note the milestones you’ve made since you’ve started your weight loss journey. This comparison can really motivate you once you see how much fat you lost and muscle you’ve gained.

Using all this information, our team can set specific goals that are reasonable for you to achieve. We can help you build an exercise and nutrition plan to help you continue losing weight, then have you come in for follow-up visits to see how your wellness plan needs to be updated or improved.

Styku™ Scans are Not a Replacement for Health Screenings

While Styku™ scans provide a more accurate visual model of how fat is distributed around your body, it is not a replacement for getting regular health screenings or physical exams. 

Our facility uses these scans as a method to keep track of your progress, but they are not meant to be used as a stand-alone diagnostic tool. If you are facing other health concerns, such as obesity or Type 2 diabetes, we would need to conduct other medical exams to monitor those conditions to monitor your health.

Schedule Your Styku™ Appointment at Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates Today

Are you interested in losing weight and forming an exercise and wellness plan? At Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, we offer multiple therapies and treatment options to help our patients reach their health goals and improve their physical wellness. Your weight-loss journey can begin with a Styku™ scan to help you monitor your progress. 

Call (386) 366-7418 to schedule an appointment at our facility today.

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