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Brevard County P-Shot for Erectile Dysfunction

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), you may find a solution with the P-Shot®. It works by regenerating damaged tissues and restoring healthy function. As a result, you could experience symptom relief and a better sex life.

In your initial appointment, we’ll go over your symptoms and suggest any tests that will help us address your particular needs. Then, if the treatment is right for you, we may suggest the Brevard County P-Shot® for Erectile Dysfunction in addition to one or more of our other treatment offerings.

Does the P-Shot® Work?

The Priapus Shot®, or P-Shot®, is an alternative treatment that has been shown to improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, or ED. It may also help with certain conditions that lead to ED, like lichen sclerosus (which makes skin thin, patchy, and/or discolored) or Peyronie’s Disease (which causes scarring and sometimes painful erections).

You may have heard about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. It’s used to treat patients with tissue damage, like torn ligaments. The P-Shot® works similarly. By utilizing the patient’s own blood plasma, the treatment stimulates tissue regrowth and blood flow, healing and strengthening the treated area.

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What Are the Benefits of the Brevard County P-Shot® for Erectile Dysfunction?

In general, the benefit of the shot is symptom relief. However, experiencing primary symptom relief may help ED sufferers to experience relief in other aspects of their lives, such as sexual confidence and intimacy.

With the P-Shot®, you may experience improved:

Nerve sensitivity and orgasm

  • Penis size

  • Libido (sex drive) and sexual stamina

  • Sexual confidence

  • Sexual intimacy with your partner

  • Fulfillment in your sex life and sexual relationship

For added benefits, the shot can be combined with other treatments, like testosterone replacement therapy.

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Who Should Get the Brevard County ED P-Shot®?

If you’re suffering from ED, lichen sclerosis, or Peyronie’s disease, or if you’ve had prostate surgery, you could benefit from getting the P-Shot®. You could experience symptom relief and functional sexual improvement.

A provider from our clinic can tell you whether you should get the P-Shot®. First, we will suggest certain tests, including a general physical to check your overall health and potential health risks. However, the P-Shot® is generally a low-risk procedure.

What Is a P-Shot® Procedure Like?

If your provider tells you that you could get the P-Shot®, they will explain the procedure to you in detail. Generally, a patient can expect:

Numbing of the target area using a numbing cream

  • Numbing the surrounding area with a local anesthetic

  • To give a blood sample

  • Removal of the patient’s plasma from their blood sample

  • Injecting the plasma into the target area several times

The patient can also expect:

Having little to no pain during the procedure

  • The procedure to last about 30 minutes

  • To have a post-procedure downtime of 30 minutes to an hour

  • To have some minor redness, bruising, and swelling for several days following the procedure

  • To refrain from sexual and physical activity for two to three days following the procedure

  • To have a simple, quick aftercare process

When Can I Expect Results After a P-Shot® Procedure?

You may notice results right away. If so, you may be an early responder to the treatment and could have immediate results after your additional doses, too.

Generally, it takes several treatments for a patient to see results. Generally, a person sees their best results after treatments spanning two to three months.

Your health, your symptoms, and your overall treatment plan can affect you when you experience a noticeable difference. For example, if you have testosterone replacement therapy done along with the P-Shot® in your overall treatment plan, you may get quicker results. Your provider may be able to give you a better idea of when you may see your results.

Your Overall Health Can Contribute to ED Symptoms

Our clinic also offers primary care. As part of our treatment, we like to get to the bottom of your symptoms by uncovering hidden health conditions that may be causing or contributing to your ED. If you suffer from certain health problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes, we may craft a nutritional and exercise program to treat the root cause of your ED. We want to improve your health and your life satisfaction, not create a bandaid treatment for a deeper issue.

After we examine you, we may suggest additional treatments, such as:

  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT): Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be an option if you are suffering from low testosterone. According to Cleveland Clinic, low testosterone may occur naturally as the body ages, but other medical issues, such as Hypergonadotropic hypogonadism can contribute to it. Hormone replacement therapy can help rebalance your hormone levels and can be administered easily through an injection.  

  • Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) and peptides: SARMs are small molecule drugs that act as therapeutic compounds. This treatment can help men suffering from low testosterone, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, and other health conditions. 

  • IV infusion therapy: IV infusion therapy involves intravenously injecting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into the bloodstream. This treatment addresses a variety of health issues, including depression, migraines, and low energy levels. An improvement in your overall health can lead to an improved sex life. We offer a variety of IV infusion therapy packages, and we can tailor a treatment plan to suit your specific needs.

What You Can Expect From Our Brevard County ED Clinic

Our clinic has a lot to offer. For one, we can offer our patients advanced diagnostic testing to give them a detailed insight into their health and wellness. We can also offer both traditional and modern treatment and therapy to help our patients recover from a number of health issues and related effects.

Additionally, we treat our patients like individuals with their own specific needs. Our diagnostic tests tell us about those exact needs and the personalized treatments and therapies we suggest allow us to address those needs. You can expect our team of physicians and nurse practitioners to treat you with the same attention to detail.

Our patients appreciate our approach to medicine. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Instead, listen to what one of our patients has said about us:

“The team of doctors at Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates is truly wonderful. They are down to earth, kind, and compassionate, and take a safer, more meaningful approach to health and wellness than most other doctors these days! I would highly recommend them for anyone suffering from a specific illness or even those just looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing!” – Rick B.

Learn More About the P-Shot® in Brevard County, Florida

If you’re suffering from ED, the P-Shot® could work for you. It could relieve you of your symptoms and all of your worries.

You can expect our clinic to address your symptoms and your specific needs. We’ll be able to discuss them with you in your preliminary appointment. We’ll also answer any questions about the Brevard County P-Shot® for ED at our clinic. To book that appointment with us, contact Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates today.

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