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Updated: May 4

Are you looking for healthcare solutions to challenges you’re facing with your sexual health in Brevard County? Our team at Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates can step in to offer you a range of solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

We understand the emotional, social, and mental effects associated with your sexual health. Find out more about the services we offer and the Brevard County sexual health conditions we treat by calling us or completing our online contact form.

What Conditions Do We Treat in Brevard County?

Some individuals only associate sexual health with avoiding diseases that could be transmitted during intercourse. However, many patients end up facing other conditions and complications. Our team provides you with understanding and compassionate care if you find yourself dealing with:

Loss of Libido

Both men and women can lose their libido, or desire to have sex. Medical professionals often connect a loss of libido in men to low levels of testosterone. Conditions like depression or anxiety can also lower your libido.

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines erectile dysfunction as an inability to get an erection or an inability to maintain an erection for an amount of time that allows you to have satisfying sex. NIH also reports that around 30 million men face erectile dysfunction – or impotence – in the U.S.

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Disorders Related to Ejaculation

Some men face health issues related to ejaculation. Patients may come to us if they feel they ejaculate too quickly or if it takes too long for them to ejaculate. Individuals may not ejaculate at all in some cases. The causes for these conditions can range from:

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Reactions to medications

  • Psychological concerns

  • Diseases

Our healthcare team assesses the specific causes of your health issue and then we develop a plan to provide you with treatment in Brevard County.

What Sexual Health Treatments Can You Get in Brevard County?

Our team specializes in several sexual health treatments. We developed our treatments with a focus on biochemistry, internal medicine, and cellular physiology. We do not recommend the same treatments for every patient, instead adjusting our care to meet your needs.

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy®

Sometimes, issues with blood circulation can lead to erectile dysfunction and other sexual health concerns. In this situation, we may recommend acoustic pressure wave therapy, or shockwave therapy, where low-intensity waves can:

  • Boost tissue regeneration

  • Encourage the production of blood cells

  • Improve the flow of blood to your penis

Many patients find this form of treatment helps them achieve stronger erections, which can help address their sexual health concerns.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy®

Some individuals in Brevard County consider PRP therapy for help with their sexual health. Our team takes a sample of your blood to conduct this therapy. We put the sample through a specialized centrifuge machine to separate out the platelets.

Once we have the platelets and plasma, skilled professionals inject them into you. Because the platelets come directly from you, this procedure usually has minimal side effects, while encouraging your body to heal faster.

Medical professionals may consider PRP therapy for sexual health if you developed health concerns because of nerve damage. We’ll discuss the best treatments to address your needs when you reach out to us for assistance.

Stem Cell Therapy®

Finally, we offer some of our patients a form of stem cell therapy called exosome therapy. The therapy can help you heal faster by speeding up the regeneration of tissues. We often use this therapy with other treatments to boost the results.

How Long Do Sexual Health Therapies Take to Work?

We understand that you want fast results when it comes to Brevard County sexual health concerns. Our team takes steps to begin the treatment process quickly; however, most patients complete several appointments before they see the results of the therapies.

We offer outpatient treatments that allow you to recover with minimal amounts of downtime. The time it takes to complete an individual treatment can vary, but we’ll work with you to accommodate your schedule.

Are There Side Effects for Sexual Health Treatments?

Some Brevard County sexual health treatments have minor side effects. For example, you may notice redness or swelling around the injection site for PRP therapy. Our team will provide detailed information about benefits and risks before you undergo a treatment.

You can also contact us at any point after a treatment if you have questions about symptoms or side effects.

What Do Sexual Health Treatments Cost in Brevard County?

Sexual health treatments vary in cost depending on the kind of treatment you select or whether you pick one of our packages. We discuss pricing and go over your medical concerns when you reach out to us for assistance.

Call Us for Sexual Health Care in Brevard County

Our team at Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates can provide Brevard County sexual health treatments. We’re standing by to go over your specific health concerns so we can develop a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Find out more about the services we offer by calling us or completing our online contact form.

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