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Brevard County Chelation Therapy

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Chelation therapy is a type of IV infusion therapy. If done under appropriate supervision, it can have a number of rejuvenating benefits, including better heart health and more energy.

Our providers at Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates can discuss the pros and cons of Brevard County chelation therapy with you at your first appointment. The treatments we offer can help you look and feel younger without the need for harsh medications or surgery.

What Is Chelation Therapy?

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), chelation therapy’s primary use is in the treatment of metal poisoning. It works by injecting disodium EDTA into the bloodstream via an IV. Metals in the bloodstream bind to the disodium EDTA, which is then flushed from the system when the patient urinates.

In addition to this purpose, chelation therapy can be used to treat heart disease, especially in patients with diabetes. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease kills more American adults every year than any other disease. You should take early preventative action to:

  • Keep your heart healthy

  • Prevent or manage risk factors, such as diabetes

  • Maintain your overall health

Benefits of Chelation Therapy

It is important to be patient when undergoing chelation therapy. It can take weeks or months of regular appointments before you begin to really notice the effects. For many patients, it is well worth the wait. You could:

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Improve your mental health

  • Sleep better, both because of the treatment(s) and because you know you are taking action to keep yourself safe and healthy

  • Reduce your risk of a heart attack and other fatal conditions

  • Increase your self-confidence—when you look and feel healthy, you can feel better about yourself

Chelation therapy patients also frequently take a doctor-prescribed mixture of vitamins and minerals to complement the treatment. This regimen can further improve your overall mood and physical health.

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Chelation Therapy Side Effects

As with any medical treatment, chelation therapy can have side effects. A study discussed by the NCCIH shows that the most serious side effects were kidney damage and low blood calcium levels.

In light of these and other risks, you should not try to administer chelation therapy to yourself. Over-the-counter products are available but not necessarily safe.

Before starting any kind of treatment, we encourage you to talk with one of our providers about Brevard County chelation therapy. We can make sure this treatment is safe for you, and we can administer it in a way that maximizes benefits while minimizing risks.

Receiving Chelation Therapy in Brevard County

Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates works closely with each patient to ensure we provide the safest, most beneficial experience. To start, we can:

  • Schedule an appointment at your convenience

  • Have you fill out a questionnaire concerning your current health and your health goals

  • Ask you a series of targeted questions about what you want from treatment and what kinds of treatment you are interested in

Once we familiarize ourselves with your situation, we will be able to recommend a treatment or treatments that align with your needs. If chelation therapy is right for you, we can:

  • Walk you through what the treatment entails, including both benefits and risks

  • Schedule appointments for you to receive the chelation therapy (weekly appointments will be necessary)

  • Monitor you throughout treatment to make sure you are not experiencing any harmful side effects

  • Manage side effects by altering or terminating the treatment as necessary

Our providers make it a point to stay in frequent communication with our patients. We want to be able to act fast if things do not go according to plan, and we want to know when the patient has reached maximum improvement.

Brevard County Chelation(386) 366-7418

What Is Maximum Improvement?

When we start you on chelation therapy (or any other treatment), it is because we have good reason to believe that it can help you. However, there may be natural limits on how much you can improve on any given treatment due to:

  • Your age

  • Your health

  • The nature of the treatment itself

We will monitor you carefully throughout your treatment. Once we (or you) notice that you have stopped improving, it may be time to:

  • Stop that treatment

  • Reassess your health and your treatment plan

  • Start a new treatment, if you have not yet reached your goals

Other Brevard County Therapies for You

Not every treatment is right for every patient. If we decide that chelation therapy is not safe or will not yield the desired benefits, we can help you select one of our other treatment options. They include:

  • Hormone replacement therapy, which can reverse many hallmarks of the aging process, including hair loss and loss of sexual desire

  • Other forms of IV infusion therapy, which can target health conditions (such as allergies or migraines) that chelation does not

  • Microneedling, which can reduce the appearance of scars and improve skin health

  • Chiropractic care and physiotherapy, which can relieve aches and pains caused by injuries or the aging process

  • Reassessing your diet and exercise routine and guiding you through any modifications that may help improve your health

Remember that it is never too late to start taking better care of yourself. No matter your age, gender, or current health, Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates can design a treatment plan for you.

While many of our patients come to us seeking help for a particular problem, many are so impressed that they stay on as primary care patients or receive care for other issues. One patient, Pedro Ramos, put it succinctly: “The best decision I made for my health and fitness was finding Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates.”

Learn More About Chelation Therapy Today

Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates offers a wide range of rejuvenating treatments that can make you look and feel as good as you did years ago, if not better. Call and make an appointment whenever you are ready to let our staff improve your quality of life through Brevard County chelation therapy and other treatments.

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