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Benefits Only a Personal Trainer Can Provide

You’ve decided to begin a new fitness routine and don’t know where to start. Perhaps you know what you want to do and have some goals in mind, but everything beyond that is fuzzy. Having a personal trainer would be an excellent option for you. While it is an added expense, there are some benefits only a personal trainer can provide.

Some gym memberships offer free access to a personal trainer who will help develop a program for you. If you aren’t sure you need a personal trainer, this is a perfect way to test the water. Check with your fitness center and see what they offer. There are other options available through online or virtual personal trainers.

Are Virtual Personal Trainers Effective?

In a word – yes, virtual personal trainers can be effective. Finding a virtual trainer that meshes well with you and your fitness goals is critical. We explored using a virtual personal trainer for your wellness program.

Pros of Online Personal Trainers

The pros of using a virtual personal trainer are numerous. You may have more thoughts to add to this list later. We encourage you to research and make an informed decision when searching for the best option for you. Among the pros:

  1. Instant Access: Training sessions are often pre-recorded, so you have full access as soon as you subscribe to a program.

  2. Flexible Scheduling: Because your training partner is online, you can log in and conduct your training at any point, day or night. 

  3. Affordability: Pricing can vary widely, but the overall price of online training programs is less expensive than in-person training. 

  4. Choices: Using your wellness goals, current fitness level, and lifestyle, you can choose a program that fits your life. 

The creators of online programs understand the challenges you may face with time, getting to the gym, and creating workout time in your busy schedule. You can shop around to find a program that is a perfect fit.

Cons of Online Personal Trainers

There are cons to using an online fitness training program, and they are:

  1. No Personalization: The programs are made for general audiences to attract a wide variety of clients. You can find a suitable program, but it won’t be tailored to your needs.

  2. No Accountability: It is easier to skip workouts with no one pushing you to meet goals. The online programs require dedication and self-motivation.

  3. No Feedback: If you have poor posture or perform an exercise incorrectly, no one will correct you.

  4. Credibility: Every online course is different. Some may be more credible than others. Research thoroughly and check reviews from other clients before any cash outlay.

If online training is all your budget can handle, having the guidance is worth it.

In-Person Personal Trainers Offer Many Benefits

In-person personal trainers offer more benefits than virtual trainers. Still, you trade flexibility and the ability to do your workout at 3:00 am when you have insomnia.

Pros of Using a Personal Trainer

The most significant pro may be the level of education. Additional pros include:

  1. Certification: A personal trainer will be certified and have experience in the field that transfers to their handling of your training experience.

  2. Offers Feedback: You will receive immediate feedback and corrections on technique, form, posture, and more. Your exercising will be more uniform, and the input increases the effectiveness of your training, forming good habits for the future.

  3. Accountability: A personal trainer will motivate you and keep you moving forward, even on days when you want to skip your session.

  4. Companionship: Exercising with another person can be more effective than by yourself. 

Cons of Using a Personal Trainer

The argument against a personal trainer can be made using these cons:

  1. Cost: With a cost range from $49 to $164 per session, trainers can be expensive. 

  2. Scheduling: You must schedule a time to work out with your trainer present. You must work with the trainer’s schedule, your availability, and the gym hours.

  3. Quality Control: Other than checking education, certification, and reviews from other clients, you have no way to know that a trainer will be effective with you before beginning your training.

  4. Nutrition: Personal trainers will often provide nutritional advice, but they are not nutritionists, and the advice may not be good.

You will need to weigh the benefits as they apply to you to determine if a personal trainer’s cost is worth it.

Benefits Only a Personal Trainer Can Provide – What Is Best for You?

After exploring the benefits of both online and in-person personal trainers, the decision is still yours to make. Depending on your level of motivation, determination, and ability to focus and manage training, either option can benefit you.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of in-person trainers is the physical interaction versus the impersonal screen time of online training. Human interaction can offer a motivational push you won’t get from a pre-recorded online session. You may also use a combination of the two training types.

Other Questions? Give Us a Call Today

With a once-weekly personal session coupled with online training sessions, you might raise the effectiveness of your wellness program. Whatever method for a personal trainer you select, the benefits of regaining fitness will affect every aspect of your life. For additional questions about using a personal trainer, contact the staff at the Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates.

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