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Florida has a reputation for being a prime destination for people aiming to settle down in retirement or people living it up on the beach during spring break. When you are in paradise, you can desire to retain your youth as much as possible. The good news is that medicine has advanced enough that there are treatments that can help you restore your health and enjoy your life the way you were meant to.

Anti-Aging and Regenerative Associates is in Port Orange, Florida, and serve patients from surrounding areas. We offer various health and wellness treatments to our patients and exercise a holistic approach to measuring their health. Patients can meet with one of our physicians and receive a physical exam, lab work, and a consultation about the treatment they are interested in.

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Our Port Orange facility provides hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to our clients, both men and women. Whether you are a woman going through menopause or a man losing your hair because of testosterone loss from aging, our facility has treatment options available to meet your health goals.

Regenerative Treatments

Patients who would like to restore their health can opt for our regenerative treatment services, which can range from IV infusion therapy to platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) or stem-cell therapy. We also offer complementary and alternative medicine therapies, such as acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, and antioxidant therapies.

Our Port Orange, FL, Office Offers Non-Invasive Diagnostic Testing

Clients can receive non-invasive diagnostic tests at our Port Orange, FL, office. These tests include:

  • AO scan (9D NLB-A), a non-invasive body scan that produces detailed images of the body’s organs, tissues, and systems

  • Styku scan, which takes a 3D full-body scan that maps an image of a patient’s body, tracking their body’s measurements in a few seconds

  • Blood, which we conduct for patients who want to monitor their hormone activity levels, including any imbalances, and check for metals that could be present in their bodies

We also offer genetic testing, nitric oxide testing, and pH testing, as well. All the services we offer can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Schedule an Appointment at Anti-Aging and Regenerative Associates

Want to know more about services? Come to Anti-Aging and Regenerative Associates for an appointment with our physicians and learn more about how our medical services could treat your health needs. Our Port Orange facility offer a variety of anti-aging and regenerative treatments that help boost our patients’ immune systems, hormone levels, and overall health.

We aim to connect with our patients, making them feel welcome and comfortable as they work toward restoring their health through a holistic wellness approach. We take the time to listen and find solutions for them.

We also offer a membership plan to patients who would like to participate in general wellness practices and receive primary and urgent care. You can learn more about our treatment services when you visit.

Call to schedule an appointment with Anti-Aging and Regenerative Associates today.

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