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What kind of individual is best suited for AARA’s direct pay membership program?

Our goal is to collaborate with and be your partner in helping you achieve and maintain optimal health. If you want to pursue a healthy lifestyle and are willing to take an active role in managing your health, diet and exercise, then you would likely be an ideal candidate.

Do you accept only healthy patients?

No. AARA believes in treating all patients, regardless of their current health status. Our patients have a full spectrum of health concerns ranging from routine preventive care to chronic medical conditions.

What are the membership fees and how do I pay my monthly fee?

Our membership is a 12-month contract and fees are as follows:

$149 down payment for each individual (includes comprehensive physical exam, lab work and 1st month of coverage)

Individual                   $100

Individual +1              $180

Each additional family member         $50

Your credit/debit card will be charged via auto draft for your monthly membership. Payments may also be made in advance on a quarterly and semi-annual basis.

If I later determine this program is not right for me, can I terminate my patient agreement?

Absolutely. You may cancel your membership and patient agreement after the fourth month. We do require a 30-day written notice. Upon receiving the notice, we will close your billing account the following month. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and while we understand patients leave for many reasons, if you are ever dissatisfied with our services, please let us know.

Can the provider terminate my patient agreement?

Yes. Our providers will make every attempt to address all issues/concerns with patients prior to making the decision to discharge a patient however there are times that it is often necessary. Some of the reasons a patient may be discharged are (but not limited to):

  • Patients who are verbally abusive or threatening to providers or staff.
  • Patients who are non-compliant with their care, missing appointments and/or recommended treatment
  • Patients who “doctor shop” and mostly interested in obtaining medications
  • Patients who do not pay for the services provided to them

If I cancel my patient agreement, can I re-join?

Yes. You are welcome to re-join at any time however please keep in mind that if our patient count is at maximum capacity, you may be placed on a waiting list until space becomes available.

Do you limit the number of patients in your practice?

Yes, we do. Each physician has a limited capacity of patients. We believe that all patients deserve one on one care and limiting the number of patients allows our practitioners to provide more personal care to address your healthcare needs.  If you’d like to join Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates and our practice is full, you may be placed on a waiting list.

Can I make same day appointments?

Yes. We will do everything to meet your needs for urgent medical concerns/acute illness and will schedule same day or next day appointments. We do request that all non-urgent medical appointments be scheduled in advance.

Can I see the provider without joining the program?

Yes. You can see our providers however you will first need to be established as a new patient. This appointment and new patient fee includes lab work, and comprehensive physical exam, and initial visit. Please note that all services received are an out of pocket expense.

Can I add family members to my program account?

Absolutely. Spouses, domestic partners, parents, children ages 11 and older are welcome to join Anti-Aging and Regenerative Associates provided we have space. All family members will have separate medical records.

Can I enroll my children although I’m not a patient myself?

Yes. Your child aged 11 or older can join AARA’s primary/urgent care program even if you do not. However, it should be noted that while we are able to address your child’s primary care needs, we strongly recommend that they also have a pediatrician.

Is this an insurance policy?

No. Our primary/urgent care membership is a fee for service program.  This fee covers all or most primary care services including clinical and laboratory services, consultative services, care coordination, and comprehensive care management.

Because some services are not covered by a retainer, AARA suggests that patients acquire a high-deductible wraparound policy to cover emergencies.


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