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What Causes Dysport® To Wear Off Faster?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Most Dysport® treatments last for around three to four months before wearing off. However, you may notice the effects of the treatment wearing off before this average amount of time in some cases. 

What causes Dysport® to wear off faster? Your body chemistry, activity level, and the skill of the medical professional who handled your injections all play a role in this process. Find out more about the best ways to get the most out of a treatment with our team at Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates.

Factors That Impact the Longevity of Your Dysport® Treatment

Understanding the factors that could cause your Dysport® treatment to wear off faster can help you extend the effectiveness of each appointment. According to the professionals, the seven most common factors that impact Dysport® treatments include:

#1: Metabolism

Everyone has unique body chemistry. Your metabolism determines the rate at which your body processes the Dysport®, removing it from your system. 

#2: Your Level of Activity

Many people don’t consider the effects of physical activity and working out on Dysport® treatments. However, the amount that you hit the gym could cause your treatment to wear off more quickly. 

#3: The Changes You Want to See

Dysport® treatments tend to last longer for patients who seek treatment for fine lines. 

#4: The Amount and Quality of the Dysport® Used for Your Treatment

Medical professionals do not use the same amount of Dysport® for every treatment. Larger treatments may last longer than a treatment that used a relatively small amount of Dysport®. Additionally, Dysport® may degrade over time or if exposed to heat.

Your treatment may not last as long if a professional used improperly stored Dysport®. 

 #5: The Experience of the Treatment Provider

Dysport® gives the best results when administered in the correct locations. A skilled injector places the Dysport® exactly where you need it most and uses the correct amount. Depending upon the skill and training of your technician, you may find treatments lasting for longer. 

#6: The Regularity of Your Treatments

Patients who receive regular Dysport® treatments often find that they require injections less frequently as time goes on. You may speak with your doctor about the ideal time between your visits. 

#7: Stress Levels

While not all patients experience this issue, some individuals report that their treatments do not last as long during periods of heightened stress. Illness may also shorten the effective period of a Dysport® injection. 

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Tips To Increase the Effectiveness of Your Dysport® Treatment

Understanding the factors that cause Dysport® to wear off more quickly can help you plan to get the most out of your treatment. You can also explore tips to help increase the effective period of a Dysport® treatment. Go over the six best tips to maintain the changes caused by a Dysport® treatment with our team. 

#1: Start a Moisturizing Routine

Moisturizers help keep your skin smooth while prolonging the effects of Dysport® injections. Look for moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid and collagen for the best results after your treatment. These ingredients slow down the rate that Dysport® breaks down, increasing the plump and healthy appearance of your skin. 

#2: Take the Right Supplements

Medical studies have shown that zinc supplements can extend the results of facial injections. Individuals involved in the study used a 50-milligram supplement on a daily basis. Consider adding this supplement to your daily routine.

#3: Avoid Nicotine Products

Nicotine has numerous detrimental effects on your body. It makes Dysport® injections less effective, breaks down collagen, and damages your skin. Nicotine impacts the effectiveness of Dysport® if you smoke, vape, or use the product in other ways. 

#4: Keep Your Stress Levels Lower

As we mentioned, stress can reduce the effectiveness of a Dysport® treatment. Much of the damage comes from frowning, tensing your muscles, or scowling due to frustration. Stress also releases hormones, like cortisol, that cause an inflammatory response that breaks Dysport® down. 

#5: Stay Out of Direct Sun

Exposure to the sun can break down the collagen in your skin and cause damage to your skin cells. Dysport® cannot do much to handle wrinkles caused by sun damage. Additionally, sun damage triggers your body’s inflammatory response, breaking down Dysport® as a side effect. 

#6: Choose Low-Intensity Workouts

You can keep working out after a Dysport® treatment. However, we recommend moderate to mild exercise to avoid increasing your metabolic rate too much, which can increase the rate that your body breaks down Dysport®.

Schedule a Dysport® Treatment With Our Team

Our team at Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates can handle your Dysport® treatments in and around Port Orange. Clients report that we do a “great job and are very knowledgeable.” Reach out to us to schedule an appointment or to find out more about the benefits of Dysport® treatments.

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