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Disease Prevention for Men

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

At Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, our men’s health team believes it is better to prevent serious illness and injury than address the symptoms later. We want to help you build your strongest, most resilient, and healthiest self. This will make it easier to avoid common medical ailments and heal faster if an injury does occur.

We offer a number of anti-aging medical services for men focused on disease prevention for men. If you already face medical conditions or health concerns, we can help you address them before developing a future health and wellness plan. 

How Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates Addresses Disease Prevention for Men

Dr. Jason Schottel and our team of practitioners provide several services that combine to help prevent illness and injury. We look at each case individually, so the services you receive will depend on your specific needs. We can discuss your plan and the therapies we recommend during your initial intake consultation. 

Some of the most common disease prevention services we provide include: 

Age Management and Anti-Aging Treatments

At the core of our services are our anti-aging benefits for men. We tailor each patient’s program to address their needs, helping them regain and maintain their best health. This may include physical health, vitality, emotional health, and self-esteem. 

Some of the benefits our patients report after anti-aging treatments include:

  • An increase in focus and mental sharpness

  • Being in “the best shape” of their lives

  • An increase in physical fitness and mental wellbeing

All of our techniques also increase the patient’s resistance to disease and injury, helping them feel well and remain healthy today and in the future.

Some of the age management therapies we offer for men include:

  • Hormone replacement therapy

  • SARMS and peptides

  • Erectile dysfunction therapy

  • IV infusion therapy

  • Physician’s supervised weight loss

Functional Medicine

Our team takes a more holistic approach to conventional medicine through our functional medicine program. According to the Cleveland Clinic, at the heart of functional medicine is the ability to identify what makes a person sick or is likely to cause an illness and address it. 

Whether you already have symptoms or are looking to prevent the onset of an illness in the future, functional medicine can help. Our team employs an integrative methodology that considers many aspects of what could cause disease, including: 

  • Current health and risk factors

  • Genetics

  • Cellular physiology

  • Biochemistry

Once we understand a person’s risks and possible disease triggers, we can put a plan in place to restore their health and help them maintain a lifetime of wellness through regenerative medicine therapies that include:

  • Endocrinology and hormone replacement therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Chiropractic medicine

  • Stem cell injections

  • IV infusion therapy

  • Vitamin/ mineral injections

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

  • Chelation therapy

  • Nutrition and lifestyle modifications

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can relieve pain and help with current health concerns, but this type of treatment also seeks to improve your overall wellbeing and reduce your risk of future injury and illness. 

When you see a doctor for chiropractic care, they provide services known as adjustments or spinal manipulation. This usually focuses on the spinal column, although many practitioners address other joints, too. When left unaddressed, a spinal misalignment can affect nerves, muscles, organs, and even processes like breathing and bowel movements. 

Chiropractic care also offers a unique, drug-free solution to chronic pain in the back, neck, and other areas of the body.

A Customized Training and Nutrition Program

Our team creates customized training and nutrition programs that include physician-supervised weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance. Each patient receives a program individually tailored to their needs, goals, and lifestyle. 

Our programs include custom calories and macronutrient calculations, an advanced food logging tool, and advice and oversight for cardio and strength training.

Let Dr. Jason Schottel and His Team Help Address Your Risk Factors for Disease

At Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, Dr. Jason Schottel and his team provide integrative medical services to help our patients holistically approach health and wellness. We prescribe and perform a number of techniques and services that can help you heal, achieve your goals, and live a healthier, happier future. 

As one patient recently said: 

“Dr. Jason and his staff have helped me tremendously and made a true and real impact in my life. Every time I’ve ever needed them for myself, my friends, or my family, they’ve always come to the rescue with polite, courteous, and caring attitudes. They have earned my utmost respect.”

The Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates office is located at 633 Dunlawton Ave, Port Orange, FL 32127

In addition to Port Orange and Daytona Beach, we also have patients who come to us from throughout the region. This includes: 

  • Palm Coast

  • St. Augustine

  • Jacksonville

  • Orlando

  • Brevard County

We Want to Help You Avoid Injury and Illness When Possible

Our team firmly believes that it is better to prevent the development of a disease than to have to take medications and undergo other treatments. While some conditions may be unavoidable and require you to use prescription drugs, others occur because of risk factors you may be able to address. 

Every prescription medication comes with side effects, potential adverse reactions, and other concerns. In addition, one medical condition may lead to complications and increase the risk of developing others. 

  • About half of surveyed Americans took at least one prescription drug during a 30-day period

  • Almost a quarter took three or more prescription medications

At Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, we can help treat your current conditions and focus on wellness and prevention in the future. 

Schedule Your Initial Consultation with Our Team Today

At Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, we want to talk about your health concerns and what we can do to help. Each patient receives a plan tailored specifically to their medical needs and wellness goals. 

Call (386) 366-7418 to learn more or make your appointment today.

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