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Neurofeedback in Port Orange, FL: Dr. Jason Schottel
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Neurofeedback is a non-invasive method of direct brain function training. It is also a type of biofeedback and is therefore, also called EEG Biofeedback. It uses the electrodes (which act like tiny microphones) placed on the client’s scalp to record and amplify the EEG, or brainwaves and control auditory, visual, and/or tactile feedback which allows learning to take place.

Because neurofeedback is involved in helping the nervous system regulate itself, it can be used with patients of all ages with a wide range of concerns including but not limited to Anxiety/Stress, Depression, Substance Abuse Disorders, ADD/ADHD, and more. Neurofeedback can also be used non-clinically for peak performance training, baseline data for sports players in case of head trauma/injury, certain sleep issues, and to track changes in brain function because of medication.

With neurofeedback training, it is not necessary to relive traumatic events or evoke painful emotions, we can simply work with brain dynamics. Many patients also appreciate the fact that they are active participants in the training.

The feedback involved in the training can be adapted to the specific client and their concerns, making it relevant, engaging and enjoyable. In some cases, feedback might involve a video game that responds to the brain’s adjustments, other times it might involve watching an educational movie that dims if the brain shifts out of the desired state. Other times it might involve using Virtual Reality to get inside a 3D image of your own brain, watching how it responds in real time.

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